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Meet Alex Fruth of Fruth Construction

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Meet Alex Fruth of Fruth Construction

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Alex Fruth - Fruth Construction Inc

From the minute you walk into the door at Fruth Construction on Market Street, you can see the love Alex Fruth has for building covering the office walls. Gazing around, you can feel the excitement as you start to see your dream home being built right in front of your eyes.

Alex Fruth, owner of Fruth Construction, has always had a passion for building beautiful custom homes. His knowledge and his experience reach back 28 years to when he started at the age of 18. He worked alongside master carpenters, fueling his passion and attention to detail, expanding his knowledge of the building process from foundation to finishings, and learning how to make his customers a part of the Fruth Construction family.

Alex got his start in local construction in 1994, working for local builders until 2001. It was then that he branched out and launched his own company

“I joined the carpenters union right out of high school,” he said. “I worked on bridges around my home town, then moved to Chicago for a few years, but my passion has always been in building custom homes. Ultimately, this desire brought me back to my hometown of Red Bud. Moreover, I knew I was ready to start my own business and share my skills and experience with my community.” 

Alex’s current favorite home to build is the modern farmhouse style.

“It’s a touch trendy,” he explained. “The inside of a home is the showcase for our craftsmanship and detailed furnishings, and it is the heart of our custom designs.”

But Alex is not new to different styles of homes and commercial builds. If you take a trip to Red Bud, Columbia and Waterloo you will see his beautiful handywork on many traditional brick styles including ranch, Tuscan, Modern and even a few perfectly planned restaurants. 

“I have always liked new construction,” he said. “I want to get my hands dirty and I like to start from scratch with fresh new challenges and ideas. I’m always looking on Pinterest and following new and upcoming companies on Instagram that not only keep our building ideas up to date, but I also bring in fun new creative ideas that really set our houses apart from the more traditional homes in this area. It’s fun. It also keeps me on my toes and continues to challenge and fine tune our craftsmanship to the highest quality.”

Not surprisingly, Alex has a lot of recommendations for those considering building a custom home.

“First, set your budget and then spend the money to get your drawings done right and commit to that plan,” he said, “Then narrow it down to two or three quality builders. While price will always be a factor, you need to focus primarily on quality and reputation that speaks for itself. Building a custom home is an intimate and lengthy process. Having a contractor-client relationship with someone you can respect, trust and rely on is the most important factor for a flawless experience in building your dream home.”

Alex listens to his clients’ needs and wants. He has created an environment where his clients’ dreams can come true and shine through in the final product. Moreover, with close to 20 years of experience in the business, he is highly skilled in resolving project obstacles and managing construction issues. He also works hard toward keeping his projects on time. Finally, he invests in his clients, with a personal hand in every aspect and touch of the building process.

“I would love for you to come build your dreams with Fruth Construction,” Alex said.

Fruth Construction Inc.’s office is in downtown Red Bud, Illinois, at 215 East Market Street, one block east of the intersection of Routes 3 and 59, and across the street from Red Bud City Hall. It’s a quick 15-minute drive from Waterloo and about a 20-minute drive from Columbia.

To reach out to Alex Fruth of Fruth Construction for more information on building your own custom home, call 618-282-6022.