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Interior Designers Make Your House a Home

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Interior Designers Make Your House a Home

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Many people don’t consider employing interior designers for their homes, assuming they will be too expensive. But the reality is that hiring the right interior designer for you can save money and hassle in the long run, and even increase the value of your home.

If you’ve designed a custom home, you’ve already made hundreds of decisions with the guidance of a skilled builder. Once the home is finished, you’ll be faced with a whole new set of decisions that need to be made to turn that dream house into your family’s home.

How Can an Interior Designer Help?

  • Coordinating logistics. Building and decorating a new home can be a challenge. Many interior designers will also work as project managers, overseeing quality control and dealing with subcontractors.
  • Creative solutions. Skilled interior designers have seen it all. There is unlikely to be a design, furnishing or storage problem you have that they haven’t already seen, addressed and fixed.
  • Making vision a reality. Interior designers can take your vision and make it into a reality in a way you likely would never have thought of (but soon won’t be able to imagine your home without).
  • Support your family’s lifestyle. You want your home to work for you and your lifestyle. Interior designers can help you achieve that by evaluating your family’s wants, needs, routines and habits. Then they can design an interior that allows your home to work for you.

Saving Money

  • Spend budget effectively. Interior designers know what to buy and where to buy it. They can save money by knowing the best places to purchase various items. They also have a streamlined process, which reduces the purchase of extra or unnecessary items.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes. Design mistakes can be expensive. Furniture is usually not returnable, nor are cut fabric and wallpaper. Paint that isn’t just right can’t be exchanged for a color that’s a better fit.
  • Increase value of home. If you ever decide to sell your home, having employed the services of an interior designer will add to its value by showing the home and its customized features in their best, most functional most attractive settings.
  • Avoid common design mistakes. We’ve all made them, and they make designers cringe – for good reason. Placing all your furniture up against walls, not having a focal point in the room, trying to cram too much of a good thing into too small of a space – be it furniture or accessories… These are all common pitfalls that can distract from the beauty of your custom home.
  • Make the most of space. Wasted space will be a thing of the past if you employ an interior designer. They have an array of tips and tricks that will make the most of your living, sleeping and storage areas.
  • Access to resources. Quality interior designers spend time cultivating relationships with vendors and artisans. They also have access to a library of suppliers, expanding both options and price points.

Find an Interior Designer

For more information on building your custom home, contact Alex Fruth of Fruth Construction.